Lucianas vision

GROW is an equestrian philosophy created by the international show jumping rider Luciana Diniz. Luciana was ranked fourth in the world in 2013, competed at the Olympics in Rio, tops the Global Champions Tour ranking for many years and has experienced many special highlights during her career.

“A tournament victory, a successful riding lesson, bonding with a horse, a lovely hack…riding gives us so many great moments.”

She is able to sustain consistency at the top level of the sport due to her attention to the wellbeing of horse, rider and family.

Luciana is an adamant believer that it is essential for the horse and rider to be in balance mentally, physically and spiritually. This balance is vital not only to compete successfully in the sport, but also to lead a well-balanced life and to achieve your goals.

“Everything is possible when you believe it from deep in your heart.”

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