General terms and conditions

1. You are contracting a course with GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH. The contracted course, price and payment conditions are described on the event page on this website. Registration forms will not be processed if the course has not been paid for. The price given excludes taxes and fees, which is legally in force at the time of the event.

2. If GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH, Luciana Diniz or an instructor, cannot fulfill a course date and complete the stipulated service due to reasons of force majeure, illness, accident or other reasons beyond the control of GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH, then GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH is entitled to complete the service on a new date to be agreed upon, and any claims for damages are null. Events can be cancelled upon 14 days before the start date of each event without any further consequents.

3. Rider’s cancellation, absence, and withdrawal from the course:

  • If the rider decides to cancel his/her registration, he/she must inform GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH of this decision in writing. In the case of cancellation before the start of course:
  • If the rider gives between 8 to 15 days cancellation notice (before the starting date), the rider will be refunded 50% of the full amount paid.
  • If the rider gives seven days or less cancellation notice (before the starting date), the course fee is non-refundable.
  • A rider’s absence on the planned starting date of the course will result in full loss of the amount paid. The rider will not be entitled to any refunds once the course has started.

4. GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH agrees to provide riders with all the contracted services explained in the course description, in accordance with the stipulated General Terms and Conditions. GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH shall not be obliged to compensate riders when the course cancellation is due to force majeure or reasons beyond reasonable power and control. The latter is understood as the circumstances beyond the control of those who refer to them, which are unusual and have consequences that are unavoidable, despite having acted with due diligence.

5. The rider agrees to respect the rules and regulations of GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH. Any rule violation by the rider will lead to the implementation of the sanction procedures. In the case of expulsion from the course the rider, his/her parents or legal guardians shall be responsible for the expenses incurred as a result of the rider’s prompt withdrawal from the course for which he/she has been enrolled. In this case, the course fee is non-refundable.

6. Riders who contract, GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH agree to and assume full responsibility for the inherent risks in and intrinsic dangers of equine activities (horse and sporting practice), as well as all those activities related to the course, including traveling in the GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH vehicles or on public transportation. Parents or legal guardians of riders, voluntarily choose to allow the child to participate in the course knowing the inherent risks of practicing sports and recreational activities, which could involve long-term injuries, disabling injuries or even death.

In addition, GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH does not assume any liability for injury, illness or death of any horses. The above stated limitations of liability also apply in case of violations of duty by persons whose culpability GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH is accountable for according to statutory regulations.

7. Registration in the course implies the full consent and knowledge of riders and his/her parents or legal guardians. GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH reserves the right to use all photographic, audio-visual, video and other materials of the riders pertaining to their participation during the course. The material may be used for advertising or other marketing purposes as long as the riders do not expressly prohibit it. The rider can withdraw this understood authorization at any time in writing.

8. If a rider requires emergency medical treatment and must be hospitalized or operated on, and GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH employees or staff are unable to locate his/her parents or legal guardians, GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH is authorized to make the decisions they believe most appropriate for the rider’s health.

9. With respect to any disputes regarding the interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions, German substantive law shall govern exclusively. The area of jurisdiction is Bonn.

10. Parents or guardians give permission to GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH to take riders participating in the course, accompanied by coaches or tutors, on excursions outside the premises to assist in tournaments or recreational activities

11. Other specific conditions:

  • GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH is not liable for any theft that may occur on the premises. It is advised not to bring any valuables to the event venue.
  • The use of any drugs is wholly prohibited at GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH.

12. These General Terms and Conditions belong in the archives of GROWING Luciana Diniz GmbH this states that the rider’s personal information contained on the registration sheet, and in these general conditions shall be included in a file for commercial and operative purposes.

13. Your acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions implies your consent to the processing and use of the aforementioned information and details. Likewise, we hereby inform you that you have the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose this in the terms established by the legislation in force.

14. Every Rider/Horse owner is obliged to present all required equine sanitary and identification documents upon presenting themselves at the stables: 

  • A) In the case of arrival from a EU-member-country, a certificate for registered horses acc. to sample of Annex B to Regalements 90/426 (see annex Vet. I) of the actual valid form will be necessary. 
  • B) In the case of arrival from a country not belonging to the EU, a health certificate for registered horses acc. to sample of Annex II (see Annex Vet. II) of the decision of the commission 92/260 of the actual valid form will be necessary.

The certificate must be filled out in English. The Rider/Horse owner must carry with him/her the original certificate, not a copy. An official state veterinarian will be present to issue the health certificates which are necessary for the transport of the horses to their destination abroad.

15. In addition to the Rules and Regulations applicable as set out above the following national regulations apply:

  • German Animal Welfare Act (Tierschutzgesetz):
  • German Law Governing Epidemic Diseases (Tierseuchengesetz):
  • German Regulation for Animal-Welfare during Transport (Tierschutztransportverordnung):
  • German Regulation regarding Livestock Transport (Viehverkehrsverordnung):
  • etc.